• Google

    TPF produced and shot a video for Google, at an event in connection with Washington State and their “Get Your Business Online” Initiative.

  • Kenbe Fem – Feature Length Documentary

    Shortly after the 2010 Haitian earthquake that devastated the nation, The Production Foundry crossed paths with Haitian-American named David Pierre-Louis. David was searching for his mother after the quake, and determined to travel to Haiti to find her and do whatever he could to help with relief efforts. What followed was an incredible story of…

  • Bill Gates & Yang Lan – Television Shoot

    The Production Foundry produced, directed, and shot an interview with Bill Gates and Yang Lan (the “Chinese Oprah”). This interview was shot for a segment on Lan’s show, which airs on Chinese Television and has a weekly audience of hundreds of millions of viewers.  

  • Overlake Hospital – Aerials

    The Production Foundry arrived at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue at dawn to shoot aerials for an upcoming video. Luckily we planned it so that the sun was actually shining that morning – the first time in days! We set up and launched with the sun just rising, giving us amazing colors on the skyscrapers of Bellevue…

  • Cambia Health Systems – Uganda

    Cambia Health Systems and Medical Teams International selected The Production Foundry to document a health IT initiative in southwestern Uganda. We traveled to Nakivale Refugee Settlement, where Cambia IT specialists gathered information from staff and volunteers on the ground. Ugandan providers today rely on a cumbersome, paper-based system, which slows down reporting of potential outbreaks…

  • Airlift Northwest – UW Medicine

    Airlift Northwest is the preeminent medical transport service in the Pacific Northwest. Working with first responders throughout Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho, they transport critically ill and injured patients to the best care for their medical condition, whether local hospitals, regional trauma centers or specialty care.  ​ The Production Foundry was hired to film this video…

  • Replay Jeans

    The Production Foundry shot behind the scenes video on a fashion shoot with Replay Jeans. The shoot featured two very well known Brazilian supermodels and a photography crew from New York City.

  • Overlake Medical Center – Cancer Center Opening

    Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington recently broke ground on a brand new cancer center. Several VIPs were in attendance to witness the event as well as the local news media. The Production Foundry was brought in to provide video and photo coverage for broadcast stations who could not be in attendance as well as…

  • Dilbert

    The Production Foundry shot Dilbert creator Scott Adams in his studio for the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association.

  • Washington State Dept of Licensing

    The Production Foundry was commissioned to shoot several interviews for the marketing video for the Washington State Dept of Licensing’s Motorcycle Training Program. These interviews included Chip Hanauer, one of Washington’s premier hydroplane pilots.

  • Sleeping With Siri

    The independently produced, award-winning documentary “Sleeping with Siri” was shot by The Production Foundry. In the film, journalist Michael A. Stusser explores both sides of the digital divide: One week engaged in all things digital, followed by another week in a Tech Timeout.

  • Vian Hunter Fashion

    Vian Hunter Fashion is a premium and vintage clothing brand located in Seattle. Lisa Hunter has won multiple awards and was featured on a season of NBC’s Fashion Star. The Production Foundry produced a profile video and took promotional and e-commerce photos for Vian Hunter’s website.


Creative storytelling is the cornerstone of our business. We have produced video for some of the biggest names in the corporate and non-profit world, who keep coming back to us because of the high production quality, astute storytelling and client satisfaction that we deliver. We offer our services to a variety of clients, across a variety of disciplines, from documentary to NGO, to medical and pure corporate. Let The Production Foundry handle all aspects of your communication and production strategy, making your life a whole lot easier.

A focus on real-world storytelling is evident from our numerous local and international documentary video projects. No story is too small, and no location too remote. TPF is experienced in creative direction, production, and post-production of stories both locally and internationally.

Knowing how to build relationships with our corporate clients is an important aspect of our business. We deliver professional results and a quick turnaround time for our corporate clients who are used to deadline-based workflows.

Medical and health care requires a special set of skills to pull off effectively. We have spent years perfecting our style and making sure that our approach is professional, sensitive, and with an attentive eye to emotional storytelling. We can assure you that our team will provide the appropriate level of sensitivity and respect when dealing with the most challenging stories.

We understand the specialized production of the non-profit and NGO messaging world. Our particular passion is bringing all of our corporate resources and talent to bear on important issues that our NGO clients depend on us to communicate to the world. From Bill Gates to Medical Teams International, and a whole host of other organizations in between, we provide top-quality production and storytelling to a variety of different issues.


  • “The Production Foundry produced an impactful, moving and high quality video that continues to resonate with our organization, clients and supporters. They helped guide us in the planning stage and collaborated with us all the way up to delivery.  They always come through with an incredible product.”

    Susan Messier
    MultiCare Health Systems
  • “I am part of The Production Foundry fan club. I’m always thinking of more ways we can work with them.” 

    Lisa Honebrink
    Cambia Health Solutions
  • “I have been working with The Production Foundry for over 10 years and their preparation, adaptability and impressive technical knowledge have been instrumental in the most challenging shoots. The whole team has a great attitude and produces great work.”

    Marty Riemer
    Twisted Scholar
  • “The Production Foundry and the videos they have produced have been a real hit throughout our organization.”

    Chris Piers
    MultiCare Health Systems
  • “The Production Foundry’s attention to detail has made them an essential member of our team. We will not do an event without their participation.”

    Andrea Blount Hunter, Ph.D.
    Mind Matters
  • “The Production Foundry helps us create a flawless, powerful fundraising event, which has been instrumental in raising significant funds for our organization.”

    Anthony Holter
    Fulcrum Foundation

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